Lotto247 Mobile App for android phone


Lotto247 Mobile App for android phone


Lotto247 Mobile App

Lotto247 is an excellent lottery website that has been operating for many years. Because they offer tickets for lotteries from all around the world, they help you to participate in many exciting lotteries with good odds of becoming a winner.

Lotto247 Mobile App

When we talk about gambling, we unconsciously mean betting and casinos, but undeservedly leave out the good old lottery. The lottery is a red line that runs through the essence of gambling, after all, our fathers and grandfathers used to buy crumpled yellow tickets for a few cents in the hope of winning a few dollars. Over the years, the industry has changed and gradually grew into a huge pool of jackpots, which in turn attracted even more people. Well now it's all on the internet and that's the subject of our article today.

lotto247 mobile app

Lotto247 is an online intermediary between players in India and the world's biggest lotteries. The service works with over 10 international lotteries and its reliability is confirmed by a Curacao license.

You can play in 2 main ways:

Automatic selection. It selects the numbers automatically and is used for quick play. All you have to do is select the lottery, the number of tickets you wish to buy, the number of draws, and then pay for your purchase.

Own choice. Ideal for smart strategies and lucky combinations. You choose your own numbers - all you have to do is select the lottery and enter them on the ticket.

If you win, Lotto247 will contact you. If you win less than 17,000 Indian rupees, you will be notified, and if you win more, you will be informed by the phone. The winnings are shown on the balance of the user's account. You can keep it here until demanded, you can transfer it to your game funds and try to multiply your capital, or you can simply withdraw it to your bank card or e-wallet. To withdraw funds, you need to accumulate a minimum amount of 1,000 rupees in your account.

The lotto247 app has the full range of lottery entertainment, easy and responsive navigation, personal profile, cashier and settings sections. You can customise it to make your time there as comfortable as possible.

Install Lotto247 App on Android (APK)

Make sure your android device is at least version 5.0 and has enough memory. Since the lotto247 apk app was downloaded specifically from the organisation's website, which is obviously not an android-friendly app shop, you will have to bypass the restriction on downloading third-party apps. To do this, go to your gadget's settings in the security section and there allow apps from third-party sources to be installed.

Lotto247 Games

The first, main group of lotteries in Lotto247 app are the world-famous lotteries that are known, if not to everyone, then to most people.

These are games such as EuroJackpot or SuperEnalotto. Lotto247 has 14 of them. To win one of these lotteries means that you can guarantee yourself a very happy future and a good old age. The jackpots are really astounding. International lotteries start at just €2-3 for a single ticket, or the local currency equivalent so that means 165 – 250 rupees.

All games have detailed descriptions and the upcoming big jackpots are announced on the main page.

Scratch cards, are another group of games which are already well loved by many users. There are about 20 scratch cards online at Lotto247. The essence of these games is simple - you simply erase the protective coating of the ticket's electronic field and find out that you have won.

For those in doubt, trial versions are available. Participation in such games at Lotto247 costs around 85 to 165 rupees and the prizes range from a dozen to several hundred.

Instant cash games. These games are ideal for impatient players because you can see the outcome at a glance and you can win up to 20 000 000 rupees.

The agent features both simple games, where you guess, for example, 1 out of 3 options (where the treasure is buried) and complex arcade adventures that can help you pass the hours of time and earn some money if you're lucky. The currency is automatically converted to the currency of your choice.

Welcome Bonus

Bonuses are a tidbit in any service that has anything to do with money. It's a no-brainer that even banking apps and online shops have bonuses. But what about gambling?

You thought bonuses were only available in casinos or cricket betting apps? They are not the only ones. Every self-respecting and customer-friendly gambling establishment is nothing without a bonus system. Just as advertising drives progress, so do bonuses drive gambling. Lotto247 presents a truly extensive line of bonuses, encouraging and motivating not only new users but accompanying them in the future.

So what bonuses are available in the Lotto247 app? Let’s see:

Welcome offer: the Lotto247 sign-up bonus increases all deposits from 700 to 17,000 rupees by 50%, resulting in a total balance of 1 000 to 25 000 INR respectively.

Cashback - when available, gives you up to 50% cashback as a bonus. Find it on the My Offers page.

Discounts. If you find them under "My Offers", you can apply for certain sweepstakes to reduce their cost.

Other offers. There are promotions with different conditions that may become available on your Offers page after you log in. Keep checking them if you register in the Lotto247 app.

These are just a few of the promotions that may be available. You'll find out everything else after you sign up here.

To get information about the different promotions, be sure to accept emails from the Lotto247. This is the most common way to get current promotions to players. So, turn on the notifications so you don't miss out on important news.

These emails also contain terms and conditions so that you can easily see how best to use your new lottery bonus. We wish you the best of luck and more big winnings.

Sign Up

Registration is a fundamental process in any gambling portal. Although if you take online casinos as an example, there registration is not conditionally needed, because theoretically you can play without it, that is, in demo mode. For the lottery, however, it is essentially meaningless, so to buy a lucky ticket you will still have to sign up.

The principle of the game doesn’t differ from other lottery platforms. So, what you should do to get in it? The first thing you need to do is sign up. Or, in other words, create your gaming account.

Click on the "Create account" button in the top right corner of the Lotto247 website.

Fill in your registration details, such as your gender, first name, last name, e-mail address and date of birth.

Once you have your own account, top-up the money to buy your ticket at the system.

Lotto247 cares about its Indian users, that's why many payment methods are available, both by bank cards and e-wallets. Let's talk about that right now in the next paragraph.

Payment Methods

The axiom for winning is simple - you have to play to win, so don't forget to fund your game account. You don't want to miss out on a big win because you forgot to do so! That may seem silly, but imagine logging in and watching as the draw is taking place and you only have a few minutes left to deposit your winnings. Soon enough, the draw is done, and some lucky player from some unknown corner of the globe takes the big prize. But it could have been you. So don’t forget to timely replenish your account.

The administration offers players a variety of payment methods to choose from. Check out the "Deposit" section in lotto247 app to see if your favorite one is among them. Here is a list of payment methods:







as well as some others. Funds are credited fairly quickly, judging by reviews and no additional fees are charged too.

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